Party caucus survey

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Andrea Kadlec
Director of Community Relations

2012 Political Party Caucus Accessibility Survey

Survey purpose

We are seeking information about the accessibility of political party caucuses for party members with disabilities. We plan to provide the results of this survey to the political parties for their use in identifying and removing barriers to access and improve responses to requests for accommodation.

Survey sponsors

This survey is being conducted by Disability Rights Washington (DRW), Disability Business Technical Assistance Center Northwest (DBTAC Northwest), Governor’s Committee on Disability Issues and Employment (GCDE), and the State Independent Living Council (SILC).


If you wish to participate in this survey, simply attend the caucus for your preferred political party, and return the survey.  You can print out this survey, fill it out, and mail it to DRW or you can email it to DRW.

Please e-mail to: [email protected]
Please put “Caucus Survey” in email subject line.

Please mail to:
Disability Rights Washington
315 5th Avenue South # 850
Seattle, WA 98104

Caucus locations and dates

Saturday, March 3 - Republican Party caucus
For your caucus locations call (425) 460-0570

Sunday, April 15 - Democratic Party caucus
For your caucus locations call (206) 583-0664. 



Please answer the questions below.

1. Access

Were you able to obtain the information you needed about the accessibility of the caucus location or how to get an accommodation? Example: Did the party provide a contact for requesting an accommodation?  Was the website announcing the caucus accessible to you?

2. Transportation

Was it difficult to get to the caucus? Example: Was public transportation available to the site? Was assistance available to carpool? Was there sufficient accessible parking available?

3. Accessible route to the caucus

Could you get from parking to the caucus room without difficulty? Example: Were there steps? If you use a wheelchair, was there room to maneuver?  Please identify any barriers.

4. Full participation in caucus

Were you able to fully participate in the caucus? Please indicate any examples of actions that were taken that made the caucus more accessible, as well as barriers to access. Examples: Were accommodations provided so you could hear the discussion?  Was written material in a format you could read? Were you able to participate in the delegate selection voting and discussion? If not, why not?

5.  Participation in party activities

Are you able to participate in other party activities you heard about at the caucus? Examples: Will you be able to attend the party convention as a delegate?

6. Other concerns or positive comments

Please provide any additional information about the accessibility of the caucus you attended that you think is relevant.

7. Location and Date

Please identify the location of the caucus you attended:
Date of Caucus:

8. Optional

The following information will not be disclosed without your permission.

Your name:

If you wish to be provided with the results of this survey, please provide the following:

Your address:
Your email address:

Thank you for completing this survey.

For more information about this survey, please visit our website or contact David Lord, Disability Rights Washington at [email protected].