Disability Rights Washington (DRW) has long provided flexible access and accommodations, so individuals acquire needed disability rights information, advocacy or supports in a relevant, respectful manner, and so individuals participate fully in agency priority setting, meetings, collaborations and advocacy efforts.

DRW recognizes:
Disability conditions may be permanent or may come and go. Disability manifests uniquely in each individual, and whether or not one identifies with disability, accommodation and accessibility needs are ever changing.

Humans need flexible and varied access to programs, facilities, materials and information, regardless of disability.

Technology and systems are evolving, advancing and streamlining accessible features and supports, expanding universal use and access.

Proactive access consideration in design can reduce costs, planning, and time incurred in reasonable accommodation provision.

Accessible design of products, facilities, environments, services and systems fosters inclusion, dignity, respect and belonging.  

DRW proactively considers accessible use in development of any products, facility, environments, services and systems.  
DRW publicly promotes welcome and inclusive environments, products, facilities, services and systems, designed for easy use by diverse individuals.   


Prepared by: DRW Board of Directors


This statement was adopted by the DRW Board of Directors on March 4, 2015.